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Dr SHARMA HOMEOPATHY - Homeopathic Doctor in Dwarka - Homeopathic Clinic In Sector 19 Dwarka

Eczema - Dry or Wet is an Allergic Condition of the Skin which can affect any or sometime in worse cases many parts of your body skin.

It is characterized by Itching, Scurf and Scab Formation, Redness, Swelling, Pain, Irritation, Discharge of Serum, Blood or Pus.

Usually it is a long lasting and Incurable disease according to the medical point of view and only symptomatic relief can be attain. But this symptomatic treatment and application of ointments and liniments in actually make the condition either worse by either repeated and frequent occurrences of the lesions or widespread occurrences of the lesions, along with that the thickening and discolouration of the affected skin making it even more difficult to treat.

Homeopathy has different consideration of this disease altogether in which the Person as a whole is taking into consideration and treated accordingly with minimum, safe and side-effect free doses which results in Complete, Permanent and Side-effect free resolution of the disease and Such things are repeatedly confirmed and verified by our Experiences of treating so many cases in Dwarka and Palam Branch in the past 12-13 years.

Clinic 1
Dr. Sharma Homeopathy, Hno 657, Gate 3 Lane, Akshardham Society, Pocket 3, Sector 19, Dwarka.

Clinic 2
RZH 861/C, Raj Nagar Part 2, Palam Colony, New Delhi, Opposite Kennedy Public School.

M:+91 9868882754